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AUBE Beauty Salon Hair Salon (65)62353845 501 Orchard Rd, Wheelock Place, #05-09A 238880 Orchard Daily 10:00-21:00 (Last reception 20:00) 1 on J Passport, premium Japanese services and products in Singapore

AUBE Beauty Salon

AUBE Beauty Salon

About Us

AUBE Hair group operates 110 beauty hair salons in Japan and 8 overseas, and with the latest equipment, treatments and state-of-the-art techniques we make our customers'beauty ideas a reality.

In the interior, we make abundant use of popular furniture brands and imported goods, as a trend-setting beauty shop should, and we continue to create salons that are in keeping with the times and stimulate our customers'senses.


Wheelock Place

501 Orchard Rd, Wheelock Place, #05-09A 238880


Daily 10:00-21:00 (Last reception 20:00)